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Why people choose my competitors, not me?

It takes as little as one bad experience for customers to switch to another brand. “Bad experience”, in fact, can be anything and it often strikes as a great surprise. With Olie, you can dig deeper to your customer’s head.


Where users struggle with my product or design?

Every year, billions of euros are lost simply due to bad user experience. You can avoid adding to this statistic by testing your ideas with real people. It can astonish you how different customers and you perceive the same problem.


How likely will this idea work?

Too many innovators and founders believe that their idea is too appealing not be chased by every potential customer. This belief has already brought a number of projects and companies to their knees. With Olie, you can take this phase as a lesson where you can improve to reach the desired success.

user habits

What habits do my potential customers have?

As much as 76% of customers expect companies to understand their needs and expectations (Salesforce). Are you sure you do? If not, let Olie help you get to know them better.

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