Olie brings the power of opinion back to people. Then, we all improve.


Single account, countless possibilities


Connect your usual third-party research to one place to ensure participants’ engagement and quality. Trust each other more, do more.

Re-invent media reputation and boost e-commerce attention with undeniable social proof. Express what you believe and fear no more.

The Standard of Truth

Everybody Can Create

From community advice to fully-automated UX tests. Here, people and companies gather to learn from each other and construct tomorrow.

Celebrate building the more transparent Internet with attractive rewards  that favor honesty and helpful behavior.


We Are On a Mission

Bring trust back to the Internet

Olie is not a tech project. Olie is a trust project powered by collaboration. We couldn’t be non-existent any more when the world of information is falling powerless to fake news, harassment and fraudulent accounts.

We are here to provide a new, disruptive approach to opinion exchange. We dream of a world where everyone can equally access quality feedback and improve based on it. Equipped with the most advanced human-centered design practices, we believe we can create a difference.

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